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Breast Pads

We are specialized in sanitary products exporting business and we only do sanitary products exporting business; that’s why we are professional. Our core value is “Quality best but price less; delivery fast but loading most”. We believe that if buyers sell more, then we sell more; if buyers blossom, then we prosper.



Product Details


Super Soft Non woven Super Soft Topsheet feel topsheet.
2.SAP Paper 

Excellent absorbency and leak protection - day or night
3.PE casting film
Waterproof lining for leak-proof confidence you can trust
4.Release paper
Easy and convenient to use.
5.High Absorption

Keeps you dry, comfortable and confident
6.Economic prices
High quality but very cheap prices. People has enough money to buy.
Contoured shape
Contoured shape ensures a comfortable and discreet fit even when wet
8. Individul Packed 
Each pad is individually wrapped and has two adhesive strips to keep the pad in place.
How to use:
>>Take out one piece of nursing pad from the individual pack.
>>Tear down the release paper and insert between the bra and the breast.
>>The adhesive strips side should be facing the bra to keep the pad in place.
>>Change the new pad on demand.

Products Pictures:


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