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My A+ Baby Pants Diapers Pull Ups Nonwoven Thick

We are specialized in sanitary products exporting business and we only do sanitary products exporting business; that’s why we are professional. Our core value is “Quality best but price less; delivery fast but loading most”. We believe that if buyers sell more, then we sell more; if buyers blossom, then we prosper.



Product Details

1. With the combination of super absorbing polymer (SAP) and the super absorbent fluff pulp, it has the strong absorption effect,
     letting the baby's skin dry and comfortable.

2. With three-dimensional liquid proof layer, it is soft and close-fitting, effectively preventing the side leakage of urine.
3. Dry and soft cotton surface is made of non-woven fabric, with quick absorption, which is breathable and will keep the surface
   fresh and natural.

4. Good ventilation air layer can timely send out hot air and moisture, effectively reducing risk of diaper rash.
5. With the function of wet display, it can sweetly remind the mothers timely change diapers.
6. 360° cotton elastic waistband  fit baby's waist perfectly, make baby very comfortable.


Item  Description Size Dimension (mm) Baby Weight(kg) Diaper Weight (g) SAP (g) Absorption  (ml) Pcs/Bag
Baby Pant Diapers Pull Up Pant-type;
Leak Guard,
Crotch Elastic Design;
Super Soft Non-woven;
Clothlike Breathable Backsheet;
USA Fluff Pulp;
Japan SAP
M 450*405 5-10 29 7 560 30
L 480*405 9-14 31 8 640 30
XL 510*405 12-17 35 9 720 30
XXL 540*405 over 15 36 10 800 30



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