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Adult Pant Diaper

We are specialized in sanitary products exporting business and we only do sanitary products exporting business; that’s why we are professional. Our core value is “Quality best but price less; delivery fast but loading most”. We believe that if buyers sell more, then we sell more; if buyers blossom, then we prosper.



Product Details

1. Adult Panty Diapers are disposable.  
2. It's economic type  Adult Panty Diapers.
3.Fluff Pulp is from USA and SAP is from Japan.
4.Non-woven Fabric Surface 360°elastic waistband
5.Breathable Cloth-like backsheet.

6..Leak guard can better avoid leaking
7.It's no harm to skin.


Specification of  Adult Panty Diapers
Size Dimension(mm) SAP(g) Absorbency(ml) Weight Features Packing(pcs*bags/ctn) QTY/40HQ
 M   760*590   10           800     56 Pulp+SAP        10*10*1   77,000
 L   800*710   12           960     62 Pulp+SAP        10*10*1   70,000
 XL   880*850   14          1120     75 Pulp+SAP        10*10*1   70,000
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