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2023 Disposable High Absorbent Medical Incontinence Underpad Adult Diaper Insert Pads Bed Pad For Elderly People

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Product Details



1. Disposable Type

Adult Diapers are disposable which can keep clean.

2. Economic 

The adult diapers is cheap with good quality.

3.High quality

Sticktly control quality to give customers better experience.
4.PE backsheet and PE tapes 

Which can have good absorption and use easily.
5.USA Fluff Pulp and JAPAN SAP 

Can absorbs fluid instantly and keep surface dry.
6.Leak guard 

Can better avoid leaking 
7.No harm

It's no harm to skin.Products have been certified as safe.


Item 2  Description Size Dimension (mm) WAIST (inch) Diaper Weight (g) SAP (g) Absorption  (ml) Pcs/Bag Bags/Polybag
My A+    Adult Diapers WITH LEAK GUARDS,PP TAPE,PE FILM ,LEG CUFF,JAPAN SAP, USA FLUFF PULP M 800*650 28-44 85 8 800 10 10
L 900*750 34-55 95 10 1000 10 10
XL 1000*800 37-65 100 12 1200 10 10


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