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Spandex yarn

We are specialized in sanitary products exporting business and we only do sanitary products exporting business; that’s why we are professional. Our core value is “Quality best but price less; delivery fast but loading most”. We believe that if buyers sell more, then we sell more; if buyers blossom, then we prosper.


Product Details

Product  Spandex Item NO. MRB110L
Style 560D,610D,840D,620D Packing Carton
Break ductility 500% Breaking strength 480%
Plastic deformation <6% Elastic restoration ratio >94%
proportion 0.9≈1.2g/g Softening point 175-200   0C
Oil length <3% Equivalent 14900m/kg


Less cost for elastic material as the high stess and high elongation.
High efficiency as the long time producing without outage.
No undesirable component on the surface. It makes less choking for the hot melt adsive spraying as being without talc powder and other dirt.
Good performance on the tackiness of hot melt adsive. The glue for the rubber can be used for Spandex and can be saved over 40%.The creep-resisting shows excellent performance of Spandex.


Keywords:Baby diaper 、Diaper