My A+ Brand Disposable Breast Pads



Our my A+ Disposbale Breast Pads is coming:


1. During the period of pregnancy and lactation,most of mothers are easy to leak milk. Breast pads help to absorb milk preventing leakage and keep the breast dry.

2. Replace after feeding or pumping session to reduce skin irritation risk and minimize sour milk odor.

Item  Details Dimension Weight SAP Absorb MOQ
(mm) (g)±0.2 (g) (ml) pcs
Oval Breast Pads 3D Design,20g Hot Air Non-Woven Topsheet , Tissue Paper ,USA Fluff Pulp ,Japan Sumitomo SAP , Breathable PE Film,Adhesive Glue,Release Paper ,Individual Wrapping Package 120*125 4 0.5 60 400,000
Circle Breast Pads  110 3 0.3 36 300,000
Circle Breast Pads 130 4.2 0.5 60 300,000